For the love of our furry friends

May 2, 2018

As we speak, I am swimming in cats at home. In addition to our four cats, we are housing two fosters - brother & sister kittens almost a year old, and our friend's cat who's staying with us while her family is moving. I dream of living in a farm some day... with cats and dogs and... chickens and ducks and goats and donkeys, oh my! In the meantime, I get to run our little art store. 


For six months of this year I am teaching an acrylic painting workshop where I get to show attendees some techniques on how to paint their beloved pets. I am proudly and enthusiastically donating $35 out of the $45 fee to Silicon Valley Pet Project. You can find out more about this great organization here >


We're halfway through. Three more workshops to go. I've scheduled these workshops, aptly called "Paint A Pet" on the last Saturday of each month all the way to July. So far we've raised $840! Here are some photos we've collected from the previous workshops. The professionally shot ones are by William from SVPP.


February Paint A Pet

 March Paint A Pet (Photos by William from SVPP)