Furniture 3000...never got there

Yoooo! Some time time ago I went driving along the waters edge in search of something that was not this. But hot damn sure glad that this was the end up. What was even better that this spot ended up having my path cross with a modern day nomadic yurt dweller who tipped me off to the House of Jurne. Not to say that this was not a come up, I'll call it the mash potatoes, and Jurne's house the gravy. I don't have much back story on the furniture store other than it was no Scandinavian design, so I'll just show y'all some the pictures that I took from 2013-ish. Jurne's house to come later. Peace out all.

The beginning of the end...

What Up all!? Happy summer to you and yours and lets enjoy this last bit of fun with the sun. Some of these posts may be a retread for those of you who followed regularly. The write-ups will not be the same but the pictures will. Though I will have gone back and reworked a few here and there. All will not be old ill mix up some new sets here and there when I can. These were taken at the beginning of my last month of work in San Fransisco. Specifically from the roof of my building that was at the corner of 2nd and Mission. I wish it was a little bit taller, but no knock on the chance to work in one of the first buildings constructed after the great quake. Enjoy.

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