Online Youth Art Class

Our online youth art classes are done through Zoom video conferencing. Lessons in these classes focus on fundamental and technical drawing and illustration skills (line, form, value, shape and color) while at the same time incorporating concepts that are fun, engaging and relates to the interests of the student.

Suggested materials: graphite pencil (for sketching and /or drawing), No. 2 pencil, various pens, colored pencils, markers, sketchbook or notebook. Paper for sketching and drawing, watercolor paint and watercolor paper.

AGES 9 - 13

THURSDAYS (weekly) 4PM - 5PM (1 hr)

$20 per session                sign up

or $75 for 4 sessions        sign up

AGES 14 - 17

FRIDAYS (weekly) 4PM - 5PM (1 hr)

$20 per session                sign up

or $75 for 4 sessions        sign up

Online Figure Drawing

Our Figure Drawing is online!

Our goal is to keep our scheduled dates with Palo Alto Model Guild. It is now, more than ever that we need to help members of our creative community. Figure models rely on in-class sessions to earn their pay. Because of the "Shelter in Place" mandate, we are moving these sessions online in hopes to continue to support the models.

What to expect:

The model will be lightly clothed. 

The 3-hour online video conferencing session will be done through Zoom.

Have your art materials ready.


Register through our regular link or click here

Once we've received your registration, we will email you an invite link.

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